In this section, you'll find things that may have small flaws
or are just in need of a new home...maybe yours!

DA14 -- Snake Skin Ritual Dagger/Athame

ONE Available

7 3/8" long

This highly detailed ritual dagger/athame is a dragon holding a genuine hematite ball in its mouth.  The snake has fiery red crystal eyes and there are two more fiery crystals accenting it (one on either side).

The blade is very slightly loose, but will NOT fall off. 


KRM102227 - Strong Wing Dragon

Phoenix Collection by KRM

ONE Available

Just over 6 1/2" high x 6 1/2" wide (wing span)

This dragon has red crystal eyes. 

Look closely and you'll see this dragon is missing a tip on one of his wings. This is a great opportunity to get something well below its regular price. Every once in a while, something comes out of a mold and isn't quite right. This is one of those times.

Don't let this one small flaw detract you from getting a beautiful dragon. Rescue it today! :)


4443 -- Mystic Wizard 


Retired and ONE Available

9" high

This is a very heavy figurine (almost 5 pounds of pewter). The wizard wears a cape and cap that is purple and gold. Light diamond-cuts accent the cape. He holds a large aurora-borealis faceted Swarovski crystal fireball in one hand. In the other is a removable crystal staff.
The holder for the staff is a dragon's head with red crystal eyes. In front of the wizard is a three-dimensional hologram of a dragon and two baby dragons hatching out of their eggs. Each of them has red crystal eyes.

It was designed by Greg Neeley in (we believe) 1993.

This figurine originally sold for $220.00 or more. This is at a much lower price because the tip of the crystal staff has a small chip. It does not take away from the splendor of this figurine and, really, is hardly noticeable. If you're a true collector of wizards, please consider adding this to your collection.

Click on the image to see more of this beautiful figurine.



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