We will be CLOSED from April 16th through May 31st.
Orders placed during that time will not be shipped until after May 31st.

We are a small home-based family business selling high quality lead-free pewter figurines that we hand-paint and embellish with crystals in our pewter studio. There is just two of us, so we do appreciate your patience while we work on your order. 

How do we get some of our pewter to look the way it does?  Good Question...

- Some of our 25mm D&D pewter figurines are hand finished by us in our studio.  We begin with white/silvery pewter which is often used in role playing and collecting.

- Next, we put the pieces into a commercial tumbler.

- Once we are satisfied with the new finish, we apply a liquid to the pewter.  Finally, we begin the task of hand buffing each piece to bring out our satin matte finish.

- The process of tumbling/finishing is very time consuming.  Sorry, we can not reveal any of our secrets.

We like to provide custom service at a time when things have gotten way too impersonal.  We realize that not everyone likes pewter figurines embellished and we are always open to suggestions.

We don't claim to be the largest source, but our world-wide customers tell us that we're their best source for detailed embellished pewter figurines.  It's been said that we're often imitated but never duplicated.

Our goal is to provide you with excellent service.  We stay in touch during the entire transaction.  We pride ourselves on packing with extreme care and prompt delivery and always use professional packing materials.  Should there ever be a problem, we are here to resolve it as quickly as possible to your satisfaction.  You need to help us by checking your package as soon as possible after it's delivered so you can let us know if there is any type of problem.  We check every package at least twice before sealing it to make sure everything is correct.  Packages are weighed and the weight is noted.  This helps us after a package has been delivered because we can tell if everything has been included in your package.  However, we're only human and do occasionally make a mistake.  If there's a problem, you need to contact us within 2 business days.

Aside from our beautiful products,
there are three things you can always count on from us:

We're  professional,  prompt,  and  polite.

We treat you the same way we'd like to be treated!

In a time when everyone complains that "no one cares",
we hope we show you that we do.
We care about our products,
we care about our service,
we care about doing things right.
But most of all, we care about treating YOU
the way that you have every right to expect to be treated ...
honestly, fairly, and courteously.


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