liches, reapers & skeletons


DF-743  -- Lich Lord with Book and Staff 

2 1/8" high (to top of staff)

This vintage Lich Lord holds a staff topped with an upside down ankh in one hand and his book of spells in the other. Look closely and you'll see there's a snake wrapped around his staff. Red crystals accent the figurine.

DF-651 -- Skeletal Giant

ONE Available

2 1/2" high

The vintage Skeletal Giant has red crystal eyes and holds a sword. A faceted aurora-borealis Swarovski crystal Fireball accents the base. Raldium.



DF-770 -- Skeletal Dragon 

TWO  Available

1 3/4" high (to top of one wing) x 2" long x 2 1/2" wide (from one wing tip to end of sword in other claw)

This vintage Skeletal Dragon was designed and cast decades ago. The dragon has red crystal eyes and an aurora-borealis faceted Swarovski crystal Fireball accenting its base. It is holding a sword in one hand and a cat-of-nine-tails (whip) in the other hand. Super detail!!! Raldium.



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