welcome to our section devoted to ral partha PEWTER

This section is devoted to ral partha white metal
pewter classics from the 1970's to the present - 50 YEARS.

Our shipments arrive to PewterManor  as "White Metal Pewter". Since we rarely sell "white metal pewter", we change the color to "gray". We do this by using a tumbler.
After a few other steps, we hand-buff each piece, then spray the "GRAY" pewter figurines with a metal sealer.
Your Collectible/Gaming piece is now ready for you. Yes, each piece can be painted by you after purchase!!! Gray pewter has been sought after since the 70's. It may cost a bit more, but it is valued by  collectors and gamers.

On the underside of each piece, you might find the artist name, mfg. name, the copyright, & the catalogue number.

~ Richard ~

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