You can order without a board if you want.

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The 15" board, shown below with one of our most popular sets, the Dragon Queen Set.
It's a rich-stained wood with black and silver squares.

pewter chess set

Our Pewter Chess Sets can take up to two weeks to complete.

If you'd like to order but have questions,
please feel free to email us.

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Our small chess board measures 11 3/8"x 11 3/8" wide with 1 1/4" squares.

  Dragon Queen Chess Set
(shown on small board)
pewter chess set

$179.99 with 11 3/8" Board    or   $187.99 with 15" Board


chess set chess set
chess set chess set

chess set chess set

Like our other custom sets, this is an Exclusive Creation of ours which we designed 18 years ago. The red side is highlighted lightly in gold while the other is strictly pewter. All the pieces are embellished with colorful Swarovski® crystals (either red or blue). The wizard king and dragon queen are also accented with colorful faceted Austrian crystal "Fireballs". 

The player pieces measure as follows:

Kings (Wizards) - 3 1/8" high
Queens (Dragons) - 3" high
Bishops (Dragons) - 2 7/8" high
Knights (Dragons)- 2 3/8" high
Rooks (Dragon Claws) - 2 1/8" high (hold coordinating colored glass orbs)
Pawns (Dragons) - 2" high (hold coordinating colored glass orbs)

  Dragon Queen Chess Set - No Board --  $149.99
  Dragon Queen Chess Set - 11 3/8 Inch Board -- $179.99  (+ $20.00 insured shipping) 
  Dragon Queen Chess Set - 15 Inch Board -- $187.99 (+ $30.00 insured shipping)


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