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Almost all of these can be used as an athame which is used to direct energy.


DA1 -- Celestial Star Ritual Dagger/Athame

Just over 6 1/4" long

This detailed ritual dagger/athame depicts a crescent moon, flowering vines, and stars.  Sparkling crystals (blue or red) accent the leafy vine that wraps around the hilt. The pommel is formed by a crescent moon holding a large round faceted crystal.

You have a choice of color.  We have iridescent blue (with an aurora-borealis crystal at the end), iridescent green (with an aurora-borealis crystal at the end, or ruby red (with a ruby red crystal at the end).

Color Choice   

DA14 -- Dragon Ritual Dagger/Athame

7 3/8" long

This highly detailed ritual dagger/athame is a dragon holding a genuine hematite ball in its mouth.  The Dragon has fiery red crystal eyes and there are two more fiery crystals accenting it (one on either side).


DA11 -- Dragon Dagger with Dragon Stand

RETIRED & ONE Available

9 3/4" long

This is a large, detailed, and heavy dragon dagger accented with many colorful crystals.  The blade is fashioned in the shape of a kriss.  The guard is shaped dragon like talons and the hilt is shaped like a dragon.  The stand it rests on is also in the shape of a dragon.  It's quite a dramatic piece to have on display.  Both pieces are finished in a satin buff finish.  Click on the image to see more of this dragon dagger and dragon stand.  


DA10 -- Lion Ritual Dagger/Athame with Scabbard   

RETIRED and ONE Available

7 1/2" long overall

6 3/4" long for ritual dagger/athame alone

This ritual dagger/athame depicts a hilt in the shape of a lion's head.  Twisted vines accent the blade.  There are many colorful crystals accenting both the ritual dagger/athame and the scabbard.  

Click on the image to see more of this lion ritual dagger/athame.  


Pewter Mini Sword

DA12 --  Mini Wizard Sword  

3" long (not including amethyst)

This mini sword has the face of  a wizard on it as well as a colorful crystals on the hilt.  The amethyst will vary in size. 


Pewter Mini Sword

DA13 --  Mini Fantasy Sword  

2 3/4" long (not including amethyst)

This mini fantasy sword is accented with 2 colorful crystals.  The amethyst will vary in size.


Pewter Dagger

DA2 -- Dragon Sword/Dagger #1

5 1/4" long x 2" wide (hilt)

This dragon sword/dagger is accented lightly in gold and several colorful crystals. 


Pewter Dragon

DA3 -- Dragon Sword/Dagger #2

4 7/8" long x 2 1/8" wide (hilt)

This dragon sword/dagger is accented lightly in gold and several colorful crystals.  RETIRING



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